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등록일자 2022-07-06 21:14:08
한글이름 Chadwick 영문이름
등록교회 AV News 직분 TT
주소 A teenage AV star came out to talk virtually how her parents surreptitiously in style a job shooting porn for more than a year, and she told us roughly it. She was finally apprehended behind her mother shoved her into the grocery toilet.

Meguri, an AV celebrity from Japan, disclosed the moment her parents found out practically her job in adult films, according to an article upon the appledaily website in Taiwan upon June 13, 2022. During a conversation in the same way as choice AV actor, she revealed the metaphor upon the Meguri YouTube channel.

Meguri's YouTube account posted a video of the charming adult film actress Meguri interviewing different female AV celebrity on June 11, 2022. happening until the final tale, where Meguri herself recounted a explanation of being discovered by her parents though working a job producing pornography. back mommy insisted that she use the grocery restroom

Meguri said during the meeting that before her parents were aware, her mommy had called her quickly and asked her, "What are you functional upon right now? Why did I look my kid at a gas station?"

She frankly revealed that the first get older she phoned Meguri's mother and inquired, she was perplexed. since going upon to tell more, the mother says that she discovered her upon a magazine cover. Prior to crying After all, she had past been photographed for an adult publication. However, the f*cking magazine left it in a amassing restroom where her mother might use it.

Meguri said that her mom was furious at the moment, fittingly she took the head of her agency to look her parents at home. as soon as the two started talking and ultimately accepting, he had to notify and persuade others that they should be parents. Megura's parents continued to sustain her after that.
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